Custom Software Development

You need a new system, on time, on budget. We can make it happen !.

Bridging the Gap – The Key to Project Success
Marshal’s mission is to develop great bespoke software systems. We have over twenty years’ experience in custom software development – listening to customers’ requirements, and translating this into reliable, high quality code – quickly and within budget.

The key to success in custom software development is communication – to make absolutely sure that the development team really and truly understands what the customer wants the software to do.

Marshal’s solution to this is simple: we use ex-developers with very strong communication skills as our project managers. This ensures that the key project manager role is filled by a person who can talk to both developers and customers.

Many Project Types
Marshal has robust experience across a wide variety of custom software projects. We’re at home with:

Client-server development

Database system development – including migration of MS Access projects
Web application development
Mobile development
We also offer a project rescue service: if you have an existing bespoke software project which is failing, we can often take over the code, and turn the project around. We’ve done this for many customers.

Wide Industry Sector Experience
Marshal has experience of many different industry sectors, including:

Transport and Logistics
Property Management

Health Systems
Mobile Systems
E-Commerce, including international purchasing systems
Government related projects
However, we’d stress that learning new fields and industries is something we have to do on every project: we normally surprise customers with how quickly we understand their sector.

Wide and Deep Technology Experience
To some customers, all software programmers are equal. In fact, as with any walk of life, there are huge variations in skills and expertise.

Marshal has been in business since 2015; we currently have 3 project managers and 10 developers, many of whom have worked for us from the inception of Marshal . This gives us a very wide pool of expertise, covering all major operating systems and many development technologies. 

At the same time, Marshal is owned and managed by ex-developers, with a strong interest in all aspects of custom software development – and a history of very technical problem-solving. This gives us a depth of expertise that quite simply means we’re very rarely beaten. For many projects, this technical edge isn’t required – but when something goes wrong, it’s invaluable to be able to call for reinforcements who can drill into the issues and fix the problem.