Business Continuity

Critical application failures can have significant costs to any business. Unplanned downtime can originate from many sources, including natural disasters, network or power outages, human error, or malicious acts.

Failover / High availability
Our platform is robust and tolerant of hardware failures, faults and mis-configurations. All components of the telephone system may be configured in a multi-server cluster topology to ensure that there is no single point of failure in the software. This architecture also provides a highly scalable solution.
The system can be hosted across data centres in different locations to drastically reduce the impact of major network outages and to facilitate disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery
We work with you to identify points of failure, analyse risks to your business and to design and implement a business continuity plan that is right for your organisation.
Endpoints are portable and can be moved to a different location without reconfiguration. They are able to re-register to an alternative server location to provide continuity of service in the event of a major incident.

Backup & Restore
System configuration and business data (e.g. call recordings, media files, call detail records and management information) can be backed up nightly, weekly or monthly. Backup images may be copied off the system.